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  1. WOW That's a great way to describe Snow's efforts on Monday, a fantastic effort. Please pass on my heartfelt congratulations for a terrific show of jumping knowledge. Also the write ups are superb and entertaining.

  2. Exchange offered me £10 double with £585 return and I turned it down and had 50p double and 2 £5 singles I retired and only do it as a hobby Snowy is the best.

  3. What a couple of good winners, Snowy put up for the Bank holiday meeting at Cartmel; cheers Snowy!! We had family coming around on Monday afternoon, usual bar-b-q situation, loads of food and must admit plentiful supplies of alcohol for adults, and several young grandchildren having a great time. As a family, we do this thing most weekends (fortunately, switching to different homes), but it does take some organising and preparation. So, I forgot about Snowy’s email; forgot not as in permanently, but as temporarily removed from mind as my wife and I were moving around the local supermarket, replenishing stocks for the afternoon. I don’t think that I have done this before ( forgetting the emails, not the supermarket bit!). When we got home, I remembered, looked at my phone, and started panicking, and was fearing the worst that maybe a 20/1 shot that Snowy might tip, was now trading at 10/1, or whatever. So, I saw that the prices were only down a bit, so actually placed my bets without even reading Snowy’s email. I like reading the emails, obviously because they are entertaining, as well as being very informative. I also feel that you can often get a sense (reading between the lines sort of thing) as to whether Snowy will deliver on said tips. I got a few minutes later to read the email, and must admit to not getting too excited, before the races. How wrong was I? Anyway, there was no opportunity for me to scuttle off, so I didn’t even watch the races live. At about twenty minutes after Dr Robin romped home, I took a sneaky peep at my phone (fast results on Sporting Life site, although others are available), and just sat there grinning for a short while, before my wife asked me if I had had too much red wine!! I just continued to smile, showed her the results, and went to get another bottle. So, I’m happy to follow Snowy blind! Sincere thanks for the winners, and for topping off what was already a great day.

  4. 00 Snowy....licensed to print money!....stirred but unshaken in his quest to beat our arch enemy "the bookies"! ....our hero does it again!...three big winners, three days in a row! 5/1, 8/1 and 6/1. My winnings alone pays enough for 6 monthsof your subscription! Thank you very much Sir! (p.s. I realise you won't be posting this on your site as it reads like a copywriter's promotional ad for you....well I am not one of those, I am just a regular punter who's just trilled to have you on my side).

    Tony V
  5. Wow that is unbelievable. The best ever….well done snowy..Im in for long term. – that guy is phenomenal. Predicated the run of the race too.

    John R
  6. More fantastic tipping from Snowy today. If there’s a better NH tipster in the country please introduce me to them ! Thanks for some excellent pointers this week - my betting bank is looking the healthiest it has all year

  7. Snowy, you are unreal! Thank you very very much for yet another big priced winner today in HELLUVAGOOD @ 12/1 - how do you do it?
    Amazing.How unlucky was Kerrow to fall at the last when looking as if he might have won? What a double it would have been, even if it had only placed.

  8. Hi Snowy, Just to add my congratulations on the weekend’s tips. Your reasoning for your selections every day is like a breath of fresh air after other tipsters, so keep up the good work and enjoy your day at Hereford today, Good Luck & Best regards

  9. I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed Snowy’s tips over the last few week. His in depth analysis gives a great insight to how a professional gambler views a race compared to a average punter like me. He has given winners, and placed horses with great accuracy,and today (Sat 22/10/)tipped up 3 horses – two of which won at 8-1 and 11-1 respectively…which paid nearly £1500 for a £10 ew patent. So definitely a SNOWY Xmas this year!! Thanks again.

  10. Hi Snowy, Well analysed and spotted with Rejaah – brilliant!
    I’m pleased to say I managed to get the 33s, I’m very much enjoying my membership with you.

  11. For goodness’ sakes, Snowy … What amazing tipping again today! Four selections either won or placed out of 5, and all at big odds too. So both e/w Lucky15s came in with a lovely profit, I did a few doubles too, and e/w singles on each one with my biggest bet on the winner, William Henry. Absolutely fabulous selecting, together with valid reasoning why you have chosen each one. Thank you very much for putting in all the work - I know how long it takes!

  12. I joined Snowy in October 2017 and allocated myself a betting bank of £1000.I use 5% of my bank as a unit stake, so when my bank was £1000, one unit was £50, a 6/10 EW selection was £15 EW. My bank was £1000 plus my Snowy balance, until I reached a profit of £1000 on Snowy's selections. I then deducted my initial betting bank of £1000. So, I am now betting with my profits to date, and I will probably draw down another £1000 at the end of this month, to ensure that I do not give it all back and can enjoy some of my profits. some stage. My unit stake today was 5% of £3081, £154. So 6/10 EW equated to £46 EW Looks Like Power @ 8/1G 1/4 1,2,3,4, which increased my bank to £3127
    The unit stake tomorrow will be £156 as my profit to date since October is £3127, and I determine the unit stake at the start of every day. I appreciate the time taken by Snowy to explain the logic behind each selection and the feedback on the selections from yesterday. The point of the note is to demonstrate how a very healthy profit can be made. Since I retired 12 years ago, I have paid for numerous services and believe that Snowy is the best to date. No shorties and he does not give a bet just because it is a racing day. If you like EW bets with a proven record, then give Snowy a try. Since Oct 1st I have staked £6653 on Snowy's selections and made a profit of £3127 I make that 47% ROI. Keep up the good work. Bloody marvellous!!

    Mr CBB
  13. Hi Snowy, Congratulations on today’s tip. Your reading of the race was spot on. Keep up the good work.

  14. Nice one Snowy, an excellent pick. Sincere thanks

  15. Lovely work, Snowy. You read that perfectly :-) Best wishes, David
    Snowy, you are brilliant!!

  16. Awesome again snowy 33/1 winner thanks

  17. Well Snowy, after a shaky start at Aintree I have to take my hat off to you.
    13-2 and 20.1 . (I got 14-1 and 40-1 on the exchanges. )
    Both WON..wow I am speechless.WELL DONE INDEED

  18. Hi Snowy, Just wanted to congratulate you on simply brilliant picks today and yesterday. Thanks a million.

  19. Hi Snowy. Just a big thanks for the last 2 days tips
    I am new to the service so did not put much on the bets but wow keep up the good work and thanks again.

  20. I've been meaning to write to you, just to let you know how much I enjoy receiving your emails, and will do so now because of your invitation: I was going to wait after a few losses on the trot, rather than when euphoric after a good win, because I know so many who talk when their pockets are either empty or full from recent bets and most tend to have a bias for their complaint or pleasure. I genuinely mean it when stating that win, place or lose, I really do look forward to your next email, almost getting excited at times, and I'm of an age that I shouldn't be doing that! Football is my sport, and I'm good in that I can make a few quid on my bets; I had a minor share in a horse some years back, and got the bug for the horses, but found it impossible to learn how to bet and to win some of the time. I therefore decided to subscribe to different individual tipsters, and over the years have found some that are moderately OK but most are unbelievably sh*te, and just have no value whatsoever. So to come across your service has been an absolute pleasure for this last couple of months or so, because you appear to be very genuine, you put a bit of fun into it, I'm learning about the game from you, and you come up with winners at decent odds, and for most of them I just think, how the so-and-so did he work that one out! I did enjoy Saturday's bets: I was watching a 7 year old grandson playing in a football match when your email came through. I was a bit concerned that there were 5 horses to get involved with and I did all my bets on my phone as my broadband had gone out at home and I couldn't use my PC. I sat down when I got home, and then did a lucky 15 with 3 bookies, again on my phone, and didn't feel in total control, as I prefer big keys on a keyboard rather than little ones on a phone!! Guess what, I had a right result, and even now still cannot understand how I got a massive return from Betfair Sports book with a 'Boost' on my bets. Cheers Snowy, you're a star.

    Arthur E
  21. Tip top tipping again. Snowy should take every Friday off.
    Well done. Thanks

  22. I did the ew L15 - great results many thanks :)

  23. Just a brief note to say that I am well impressed with your service since joining. I like to read the notes that you provide for your selections and I also like that you do not provide a huge amount of selections. Short, sweet and profitable. Well done.

    David F
  24. I would like to add my sincere thanks to Snowy for his brilliant service,which I'am enjoying very much. Thank you Snowy Thank you Tipsterplatforms

    Mr Green – Norfolk