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Recent Testimonials

  1. Just a quick thank you to Snowy for the amazing 40/1 winner today ! What an inspired tip … if you’d given most professional tipsters 10 picks in that race I doubt many of them would have found Trump Lady. Genius

    Shaun W
  2. October 2021 - To Snowy and the surewin team. Please pass on my congratulations to all after a very good day at the races

  3. October 2021 - Hi Snowy

    Dwight here from Nassau, Bahamas.

    I only recently signed up for your trial subscription and have to say that that was the best investment I have ever made!!!!! I will definitely be signing up full time when trial ends (very small-time betting but your picks have already paid for the next few months and more). 

    Thanks so much and looking forward to even better days ahead.

    Dwight L
  4. Hello Snowy,

    Congratulations on a stellar period for your selections. I can’t tell you of the profits I’ve made with my novelty bets since I’m a conservative low stakes each way punter. I’m delighted to see that profits can be made backing at high odds because I’ve often doubted that this can be done.

    All the best,

    Bill P
  5. October 2021 - Hi Snowy I have recently signed up to your tips through geegeez and may I just say I find your insight delightful.

    I availed on your certainly red and rapid raider tips great prices in a e/w double

    i never back under 4/1 myself so to come across yourself is wonderful I really enjoy your explanation of the days races/ fences/hdles/ going /courses on the day even if there is nothing on the day to back.

    I have never signed up to a tipster website before but so far not only find your tips REWARDING 🙂 but also insightful keep the good work up Iam sure I will become a long term subscriber been backing horse myself for 30 years and Iam 42 so know my way around a fence or two but you Sir have my attention !!

    Bryan R
  6. I joined Snowy in October 2017 and allocated myself a betting bank of £1000.I use 5% of my bank as a unit stake, so when my bank was £1000, one unit was £50, a 6/10 EW selection was £15 EW. My bank was £1000 plus my Snowy balance, until I reached a profit of £1000 on Snowy's selections. I then deducted my initial betting bank of £1000. So, I am now betting with my profits to date, and I will probably draw down another £1000 at the end of this month, to ensure that I do not give it all back and can enjoy some of my profits. some stage. My unit stake today was 5% of £3081, £154. So 6/10 EW equated to £46 EW Looks Like Power @ 8/1G 1/4 1,2,3,4, which increased my bank to £3127
    The unit stake tomorrow will be £156 as my profit to date since October is £3127, and I determine the unit stake at the start of every day. I appreciate the time taken by Snowy to explain the logic behind each selection and the feedback on the selections from yesterday. The point of the note is to demonstrate how a very healthy profit can be made. Since I retired 12 years ago, I have paid for numerous services and believe that Snowy is the best to date. No shorties and he does not give a bet just because it is a racing day. If you like EW bets with a proven record, then give Snowy a try. Since Oct 1st I have staked £6653 on Snowy's selections and made a profit of £3127 I make that 47% ROI. Keep up the good work. Bloody marvellous!!

    Mr CBB