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FAQ About SureWin

SureWin Membership Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q. Why choose SureWin

    A. Our aim is to put very best tipsters, that are the leaders in their specific fields, in front of our customers.

  • Q. Why are SureWin's Tipsters so good?

    A. Every bet – even before our tipsters are allowed to launch a service – is recorded and scrutinised by us. A vigorous proofing period has to be passed with flying colours before we’ll even consider starting a service.

    So, win-lose, or draw – EVERY bet is recorded via a profit and loss spreadsheet. These include strike-rates, number of bets and return on investment. This allows us, and our tipsters, to be 100% transparent with their results, which give our customers complete faith and trust in the way they produce winners.

    Once live, all services are also reviewed and only the best are allowed to remain open to our customers to join. Of course, tipsters are important to us, but our customers and, ultimately making our members regular profits, is far more important. That’s why we are not frightened to turn off a service very quickly should it start to underperform – meaning customers can only join the tipsters that are doing well.

    Unlike many other services, our tipsters are also REAL people! We’ve top industry champion tipsters, pro punters and even those that have proven algorithm-based systems. They’ve been plying their trade profiting by backing horses for many years.

    We are also so confident in our tipsters that we also back their selections alongside out members – with the sole aim of making money for both ourselves and our customers.
    With the many customer testimonials, we receive, it’s clear that this approach of how we only select the best tipsters works

  • Q. When will I receive my tips?

    A. This depends on the actual service you’ve decided to join. The majority of tipsters will put their selections out in the morning, which allows members to beat the rush and obtain the best possible prices on offer.

    Be sure to read-up on how each tipster delivers their tips. The most common ways we offer are via email, text message or on a dedicated members’ area - this information can be found on each tipster’s individual page.

  • Q. What are your cancellation options?

    A. Here at SureWin, our customers are always in total control. We have no contracts for members to sign, which means if you feel a particular service isn’t for you, then you can cancel at any time.

    Some services are even free to join and you are then only charged if you want to take the advice.

    Of course, we encourage all members to read the T&C’s for each service so they get a better feel on how the tips are sent and also how bets are charged.

  • Q. Am I allowed to join more than one service?

    A. Certainly. You can join as many as you like. We also run regular offers and discounts for customers that wish to add new tipsters to their portfolios – so be sure to look out for these.

  • Q. Do Surewin guarantee a profit?

    A. In short – No. There is certainly no tipster in the world that will win all of the time and be able to predict the outcome of a sporting event with 100% accuracy on each occasion – unless you’ve got a time machine!

    Having said that, and as mentioned many times before, we only want the best tipsters on SureWin.
    Therefore, these are the ones that show a consistent profit over time. Of course, some days, weeks or months might have some lows, but our tipsters aim is to outweigh these lows with many more highs.

    Checking each tipsters’ results sheets is always a great way to get a better feel on who they operate. How many bets they like to put out and how often, plus the general price range that their bets tend to be. This way you can see if a particular service is for you and will fit into your everyday life.

  • Q. Will I Win Every Day?

    A. Of course, just like the previous question – the answer is No.

    Most of our tipsters are professionals, but even the pros don’t win every day. The key is discipline and being able to take the occasional low day on the chin. Move on, knowing there will be many more profitable days to swallow up any small losses.

    As a member, it’s also key that you follow our tipsters every move. They will do the hard work for you, but – don’t worry – as staking and building your betting bank is something they will help you with through their daily communication.

  • Q. What sort of sports do the tipsters cover?

    A. At the moment we focus purely on horse racing tipsters. This is the sport and area that we’ve specialised in since 2006, so certainly feel we are industry leaders in this sphere.

    There are, however, plans in the future to expand into other sports – but only if the services are right and, above all, the profit is there – watch this space.

  • Q. What Sort Of Stakes And Betting Bank Is Recommended?

    A. Again, each tipster will be slightly different. However, when communicating their tips they will make it clear how many points they are attaching to that selection.

    A point – in money value – can be different for each customer. It depends what stakes you are comfortable betting at.

    So, when a tipster says a bet is 5pts win, then if you bet at £10 stakes that will mean it’s worthy of 5pts = £50.

    However, there is no harm in betting at just £1 a point – and we’ve plenty of members that operate that way.

    Always bet within your means and even on good runs don’t be tempted to increase your stakes dramatically. Building banks slowly is key.

    In terms of betting banks – again, this will be highlighted on each individual tipster account as to what the recommended starting bank is. 

  • Q. I Joined Today. Will I Receive Tips Straight Away?

    A. We always endeavour to send that day’s tips to new members, but this cannot always be guaranteed. On joining, you will receive a welcome email with more instructions about the service and it also depends on the time of day you joined.

    If you joined after racing has finished that day – or after that tipster’s morning email might have gone out - then that may be the reason you’ve not got tips straight away.
    We are always around to help though and providing its within office hours (see our contact page) we’ll be happy to help out.

  • Q. How Does My Service Work?

    A. This depends what service you are on.

    Each customer will receive their own ‘SureWin’ login details, where all services then then me viewed and managed via the members’ area.

    Subscription-based services are charged each month, quarterly, six monthly or yearly depending on the time plan you’re chosen on sign-up.

    Then on the anniversary of that sign-up plan another payment is taken, unless cancellation instructions have been authorized by the customer.

    Our other ‘text-based’ services charge for tips on a ‘pay as you go’, ‘pay as you win’ or ‘pound a point’ basis – meaning customers are only charged if they decided to reply back to a free text message wanting the actual tip. Terms on how much tips cost will always be given on the original text message. 

  • Q. Why Haven't I Received Today's Tip?

    A. Each service will have a ‘welcome’ email attached to it with more details on what you can expect. If you’ve not received this, we always say to members to make sure they’ve checked their spam and junk files.

    If you are still having issues, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, we are a UK-based site that has been run by REAL people since 2006 – we are here to help.

    But, remember the actual tips emails or texts will be dependent on the time you signed-up and the time that tipster generally likes to send out information to his clients. For example, if you joined at 8am and the tipster sends his tips at 10:30am, you will, of course, need to wait.

  • Q. Do You Have A Dedicated Customer Service Team?

    A. Yes, you can check our opening times and details on how to get in touch on our ‘contact page’.

    We are a site run by real people that are on the end of the phone or email if you need us and we pride ourselves on getting back to customers within 24 hours (during the normal working week).