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Reasons to use SureWin

Who are the best horse racing tipsters?

We believe we have the best horse tipsters in the UK but exactly which tipster is best will depend on what is important for you.

Some members prefer their tips the evening before racing, others prefer their horse racing tips to be sent out in the morning. Lots of tips is a good thing for some subscribers whilst others prefer more selective tipsters.

You can use the table above to help you pick the best horse racing tipster for you depending on the criteria you find most important, be that return on investment, running profit, average monthly profit, average tips per week, strike rate or the average odds.

Overall, one of the best metrics to compare the best tipsters by is return on investment as that tells you how much profit you would be making relative to the cash you are risking/investing.

Am I guaranteed to win with these tipsters?

If you follow the staking advice provided by each tipster, historically you'll have made a profit following any and all of the SureWin professional betting tipsters.

There are of course days, weeks and even months where some of our tipsters don't make a profit so it's important to start with a sensible betting bank when starting to follow any professional tipster. You'll find details of advised betting banks for all our tipsters on their designated tipster pages and also in the welcome emails you receive once you join a tipster service.

Past results are never a guarantee of future earnings but we have great faith in all our professional tipsters and if you follow their tips and advice in the long term we expect you to make healthy profits - and you should have a lot of fun along the way too!

What's the minimum term I can sign up for?

We generally advise you try any of the Surewin horse tipsters for at least 3 months in order to get a good idea of how profitable their professional betting tips can be but you can join any SureWin tipster for a month without having to make any stronger commitments than that.

You'll find on the tipster pages that you can join any of our services on longer term contracts than monthly and these options do provide a very generous saving on your subscription compared to the monthly options.

When will I receive my tips?

Most tipsters stick to a similar time slot each day with their tips but this time slot will vary depending on the tipster you follow.

Most tipsters who send their selections out the evening before will do so at around 7pm whilst the morning tipsters tend to send their selections to members between 9am and 10am, that way they can take advantage of the best odds guaranteed concession with most bookmakers.

You'll find details about the times each tipster sends their tips out to members on their tipster pages.

I've had bad experiences with tipsters before. Why is SureWin different?

There are many reasons why people can have bad experiences with tipsters. Sometimes you simply join a very good service during a poor run and there is nothing anyone can do about that. We always advise members to try a service for at least 3 months to allow them to make accurate judgements about the results.

If you experience any problems with any of the SureWin tipsters at any time you can simply email admin@surewin.co.uk and our first class customer service team will be on hand to assist you.

SureWin have worked with some top names in the industry including TV pundits, radio presenters and champion jockeys such as Richard Dunwoody so you know SureWin is a name that you can 100% trust and believe in.

Transparent Results

Unlike many betting services around, here at SureWin there is simply no hiding place for our tipsters. Why should there be? All their results – win, lose, or draw – are published online, so there is a clear understanding on how each one is performing. All bets are proofed in advance and also linked to ‘real-time’ prices and then recorded on their automated results page – it’s transparency all the way!