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About SureWin

Where Professionalism Counts and Knowledge Makes Money

Winning Is What Counts And We Bet Alongside You

We are in the business of providing our members with the BEST horse racing services in the UK – many of which are run by PROVEN CHAMPION TIPSTERS, PRO PUNTERS and REAL people. This is something we’ve been doing very successfully since 2006, so we think it’s fair to say we know what we’re doing.

However, most importantly, here at SureWin we bet alongside our members and with some of the best tipsters in the business – why wouldn’t we? (see an example of one of our bet slips below) and more here

We see ourselves as more of a betting syndicate that allows our members to make the right choices and above all join the right services for them.

We Are Different From Other Tipster Sites

We consider ourselves more of a betting syndicate where we have assembled the very best tipsters in our portfolio and allowed them to join our consortium and showcase them to you!

What makes us different from all the other tipster sites out there is that we only allow the very best to stand under our umbrella and anyone ‘out of form’ won’t be available for members to join.

We won’t flood you with cartoon characters, made up services false information and basically insult your intelligence.

We back alongside you as a business so winning is what counts – we’re in it to win!
We’ve done all the hard work and rolled this out to you – become a betting partner!

This Approach Really Does Work!

Many tipsters have tried to juggle finding winners, with running a successful service, dealing with payments, marketing and customer service, but it’s simply too much to handle – which is where SureWin comes in.

While most of our Pro Punters have had their own bookmaker accounts shut down or restricted years ago so have turned to other ways to earn out of their tipping talents – sharing their advice and knowledge with us!

Our dedicated team of REAL people (you can meet them here) do all the ugly stuff behind the scenes which allows our leading horse racing tipsters to focus on one thing – finding us and our members regular winners and profit.

Only The Best UK-based Horse Racing Tipsters Are Allowed To Join.

Here at SureWin we turn down hundreds of wannabe tipsters each year.

Let’s be honest, as horse racing fans, we all know someone who fancies themselves as a bit of a racing pundit – however, when push comes to shove and they have to proof their bets. Most don’t live up to their claims!

Our tough and stringent proofing process means any potential new tipster that has big and exciting claims has to first prove this to us – and when we mean prove it, we mean a minimum SIX MONTHS testing period.

This means only the best services can join and trust us - most fall by the wayside. Many of our customers have been with us for over a decade and there’s a reason for that!

We Constantly Review & Showcase The In-form Tipsters

The best performing services are then added to our ‘Hall Of Fame’ section that is regularly updated – meaning you can see at a glance the in-form tipsters.

With proven champion tipsters and pro punters under our care then we really do have some of the best in the business supplying our members with top horse racing advice – It's quality NOT quantity that counts you can meet the tipsters here

All Our Tipsters Have To Proof Their Bets & Pass A ‘Tried And Tested’ Probation Period

Here at SureWin we have a ‘tried and tested’ PROOFING PERIOD that runs over at least 6 months of recording results and winnings for any potential new service. Of course, we’ve had many good tipsters that show a small profit, but we only want the BEST on SureWin and for our customers – these are the ones that can produce a substantial return and on a regular basis.

Once a tipster has passed the stringent proofing period and are live – ALL their results continue to be proofed and recorded, with regular review periods also put in place.

Unrivalled Data, Payment Services & Customer Support

We like to think we’re market leaders in the way horse racing tips are delivered to our members with the flexibility to pass on tips to members in many different forms (email, members' area and text message), not to mention providing the best array of secure payment facilities in this industry.

With a dedicated members’ area all personal customer data is fully secure and editable. Meaning members are always in full control at all times to see which services they’ve joined (past and present). Payment details can also be amended, while each customer’s payment history is also tracked and stored – giving each member a complete record of what services they’ve joined and how much they’ve spent.

Here at Surewin we also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Unlike a lot of other tipster services out there the SureWin site is run by ‘REAL’ people that are on the other end of a phone or email to answer any queries or questions you might have.
It’s great to talk and any feedback is welcome.
(Mon-Fri, 09:30am-16:30pm)

Our data and services are fully encrypted too, which allows peace of mind for all our members when it comes to payments and personal data. While all customer data is never passed on to third parties, plus we are fully respectful to the GPDR guidelines with members allowed to unsubscribe or change their preferences at any time.